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Post by WishingStar01 on Sat Aug 19, 2017 4:05 pm

Name (& pronunciation): Elora (Eh-lore-uh)
Date of Birth (& age): May 16th (22)
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Language: English
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Doesn’t have any known family. Doesn’t have any friends, but gets along well with the wild animals.
Bonded Partner: N/A

Physical Description
Height: 5’4’’
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green
Detailed Physical Description: She has an inch and a half long pointed ears. She has a long, but slightly faded scar on her right eye, but tries to cover it with a hood or her hair. Has a slim body and a gentle face.
Typical Clothing/Equipment: Usually brown or green clothing that she stole from unsuspecting travelers. The clothes include a hood and cape, a shirt and skirt or a dress. The skirts are usually shorter, typically down to mid thigh, to ensure better flexibility. She carries two hunting knives, one on her left hip and another on her right thigh. She also carried a bow and a quiver full of handmade arrows.

Personality/Attitude: Elora is extremely soft spoken and gentle towards everyone. She appears calm during a crisis when she is actually terrified. She doesn’t like violence of any kind and will usually run from a fight. Elora is protective of the people, or animals, that mean a lot to her, to the point that she would willingly kill another to keep them safe, but it’s hard for her to feel close to someone after living on her own for so long. Elora only knows a handful of words such as: her name, tree, water, food, sun, wind, and leaves. Most of the words that she knows revolve around the environment that she lived in.
Skills/Talents: Elora hunts and cooks her own food, knows how to use her surroundings to hide, knows how to shoot a bow and arrow, and has knowledge of natural herbs and the different things that they can do.
Favourites/Likes: Animals, sleeping in her tree, sitting by a lake, and watching travelers walk past.
Most Hated/Dislikes: Talking to people, feeling trapped, liars, murderers, rabbit meat (but will eat if absolutely necessary), unnecessary killing.
Fears: Fears watching someone die, never regaining her memory, being surrounded by strangers, being on the ground in plain view.
Hobbies/Interests: Elora plays with the animals and watches travelers, enjoys weaving vines and leaves together to make clothes or other items, likes to sit by the river and the clouds float by, and doing what she has to do to stay alive.
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: One of the most painful and frightening things for Elora is sitting by and watching the forest that she lives is getting destroyed by humans. Because they keep appearing, Elora has learned how to travel quietly, and, by watching them, she has learned a handful of English words.
Relevant History: Elora was an adopted child by an elderly human couple that were never able to have their own children. She was loved and cherished by them until she was ten years old. Elora and her adoptive parents went on a family trip together and passed through a forest where they got into an accident that killed everyone except Elora. Elora lost her memory and woke up surrounded by dead people, none of which she recognized. She wandered into the forest and stayed there, alone, for the next few years. Elora lost almost all ability to speak, except for a handful of words, but developed a powerful love for her home and hated to see the forest being ruined by others. She would often attempt to ruin the ‘intruders’ plans by taking their tools while they rested, poisoning their food, and drop heavy branches and stones on their heads. After a year of this, the intruders found Elora and took her from her home and taking her to the scientists in charge of the Icarrii.
Fighting/Hunting Style: Elora prefers to fight at a distance with her bow and arrow, but will occasionally use throwing knives. Rarely does she attack to kill, unless it’s for food, but will fight until she’s given enough time to run away and disappear in the trees. Her hunting style is quick and painless, as she doesn’t want to cause more pain than need be. She generally goes for larger animals so she doesn’t have to kill animals every day. Elora also prefers to eat berries and other fruits and vegetables, but will eat meat when there’s no other choice.


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